School Holiday Activities for Kids in Manukau


The school holidays are just around the corner and the weather is holding out for a spectacular time. In Manukau, all the schools are preparing for one of the best seasons of the year, when kids can take a well-deserved break and enjoy their best family days out.

In order to experience the best breaks in Manukau with your little ones, here are some school holiday activities for your kids that you can try this upcoming holiday. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, the following activities could prove ideal for kids of all ages.

1. Plan a Day Trip into the Countryside

If your children love nature and are eager to experience the thrill of spending a full day out in the open, you should plan a day trip to an animal farm, a new town or a historical village in the area. You can also go hiking, visit the beach, drive to a nearby mountain and go skiing or visit a theme park.

Plan ahead by establishing the dos and don’ts beforehand – especially with large groups. An amazing day awaits: you just need to ensure that your kids are kept safe.

2. Visit the Amazing Maze

Another great activity you can do as a teacher or parent of young children is to visit the Amazing Maze in Karaka. This is one of New Zealand’s most interactive and dynamic mazes, being at the same time a very educational tool and a fun experience.

Kids who come here leave more educated and with stronger observational skills. In addition to the maze, kids of all ages can enjoy the playground swings and slides, and the Tractor tyre maze. Pizza, fish and chicken nuggets are all available for lunch at the restaurant/cafe.

3. African Safari

Western Springs in Auckland is the home of the biggest African Safari in New Zealand. Bring your kids here so that they can see the majesty of African wildlife for themselves. In addition to getting close up to nature and learning more about giraffes, cheetahs, lions, hippos and rhinos, your children get the chance to take lots of pictures, have fun and make happy memories.

4. Play Laser Tag in Manukau

Lastly, the most interesting and appealing school holiday experience for kids in Manukau is offered by Megazone. Megazone Manukau is one of the most famous laser tag playground areas in the whole of New Zealand, offering state of the art equipment and a complete laser tag arena.

Megazone Manukau offers a wide range of prize redemption arcade games in order to accompany your unique laser tag experience. To enhance your holiday fun, Megazone provides bookings to ensure that the area is used exclusively by your party. The kids birthday party venue package to meet and exceed all your children’s expectations.

Fill you children’s lives with amazing experiences and get them out the house this holiday: Do not hesitate to contact Megazone on 09 279 0436 or send us an email at to reserve your stop at the hottest holiday activity for kids in Manukau. You can also visit our website and find out more about what we have to offer.


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